We take our employees, their happiness and safety above all standards, as well as we do with our projects, but we also work with these values:



Success is the only option we are willing to approach. Our employees are fully determined on finishing projects and working by the plan. Every minute and second is important to us, we don’t take time for granted and we finish our projects successfully. We heavily believe, that keeping the employees happy and safe is the only path to success and finishing the projects on time.


Every engineering project requires microscopic precision. One little mistake, and the whole project is nothing, but a failure. Precision is our top priority, so you will never hear, something like „oh, it’s just a millimeter” from our employees.


The whole world is built around innovation. And we really take it seriously. We are ready to explore new ideas (as long as they rely on logic) and make them come to life.

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  • Ukmergės g. 223, Floor 6, Vilnius 01756, Lithuania
  • +370 699 24 574
  • A.Marszałka Józefa Piłsudskiego 85 90-368 Łódź, Poland Budynek B/4 pietro

  • +48 510 362 542

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